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Buzz Business Development - Ben Cooper

Buzz Business Development


We love to learn from the best. So, taking inspiration from the incredible synergy of the honey bee hive, where every single bee has a role integral to the success of the colony, Buzz BD was born. Many of the qualities seen in the humble bee are the perfect metaphor for acheiving success in business.

Honey bees are social creatures with communication at the heart of their success. They're essential to the ecosystem, and it's this symbiotic relationship with their environment that makes them a ‘preferred supplier’. Extremely hardworking for one another, bees  understand their role within the hive (or company). At the heart of the hive is the queen bee (or Managing Director, CEO etc) who is ultimately responsible for everyone. The queen bee is responsible for the unity of the colony and a unified colony (like a business) is the only way it will flourish, scale and survive.

Buzz Business Development - Professional


Buzz Business Development - Friendly


Buzz Business Development - Excellence


Buzz Business Development - Integrity


Buzz Business Development - Results driven


Buzz Business Development - Service


At the heart of our hive

Ben Cooper launched Buzz BD over a decade ago, following several years directing an event management company.

Ben recognised that many businesses and business leaders weren’t necessarily prepared for the challenges in day to day operations whilst attempting to scale their business.

For the past 10 years Ben has implemented successful methodologies and processes for both businesses and their leadership by streamlining current practices, introducing new ones and getting to the heart of issues that keep a strangle hold on companies wishing to grow.

Ben has built Buzz BD on the following values, helping hundreds of businesses and business leaders in the process:
  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Results-driven
  • Service

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